Storms that hit Mexico in the past weeks have damaged the ability of growers there to produce green onions. That lack of supply has made for high prices in the United States. While prices are still elevated, the market could begin to ease in the next few weeks.

“Late summer storms that have hit Mexico and have come up to Arizona have wreaked havoc,” said Jeff Crook of Church Brothers. “In the last six weeks, supplies have really dropped.” He estimated that production has been down by about 25 percent from what they normally see during this time of year. With greater scarcity, the price for green onions has shot up.

“Prices have more than doubled over the last six weeks,” said Crook. Last week, prices for a carton of green onions pushed $19.00 on the upper end. While a dramatic drop in prices is not likely, prices could start to ease, with a normal-seeming market by the end of November.

“Demand has slacked off a bit because it's normal for customers to look for substitutes when prices go up,” explained Crook. “Prices recently dropped below $20.00 for the first time in several weeks, so the trend is for prices coming down, but we're still not where we were in July.”

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