Ekompany Agro B.V. and OCI Nitrogen B.V. have signed an agreement for the introduction of innovative fertilisers. The cooperation covers a long-term programme where Ekompany will carry the responsibility of coating and blending of a new OCI product assortment. The new controlled release fertilisers will be internationally launched by OCI Nitrogen under the brand name Exacote®.

The Exacote formulations are compound products combining the unique Nutramon® KAS and Granular 3® by OCI and the coated urea Ekote Inside® by Ekompany. The urea is produced by OCI and is coated by Ekompany under an innovative en patented technology.

“Exacote is a unique product which can offer an answer to the growing demand of farmers and governments for efficient and modern fertilisation solutions which successfully combine a lower nitrogen use with the achievement of better yield results and a higher financial and ecological return on investment”, says Marc van Doorn, Director Fertilizers and Ammonia business OCI Nitrogen.

Eric van Kaathoven, director and founder of Ekompany, is very pleased of this cooperation. “Thanks to this agreement it is possible to make the advanced controlled release fertilisers technology available for a wide choice of crop cultivation. Herewith we make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of agriculture.”

The first Exacote controlled release fertilisers will be made available to the European market in November 2014.

Eric van Kaathoven and Marc van Doorn

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