Companies feel the need to tell their story - nowadays, brand identity no longer means just a logo or a coordinated image, a story must be told in order to build a relationship.

Storytelling is the best way to create a relationship between the brand and the public, bearing in mind that relationships are based on people, not on figures.

This is precisely what Racemus did. Teresa Diomede, farsighted and energetic owner of the company, gave free rain to documentary director Brunella Filì, foodteller Nick Nicola Delfino and young photographer Martina Ferrara so they could tell the story of her true strength - her employees. 

Left to right: Nick Nicola Difino, Teresa Diomede, Brunella Filì and Martina Ferrara.

They created a short film entitled Terronia, in which they tell the story of people and the land, their work and their love of what they do.

Click on "Play" to watch the short film.

Numerous guests from the fruit and vegetable world and journalist attended the première. During the evening, there was also room for some considerations about Land and how we must respect it because it is a source of work and livelihood for everyone.

Nick Nicola Difino (photo below) underlined the importance of food as something that must be enjoyed, shared and protected from the latest trends, which often are dangerous for our health.

Racemus' precious work was also displayed in Rutigliano's city centre during the 50th edition of the Grape fair. 

Racemus will attend Fruit Attraction in Madrid in the Italia Ortofrutta stand together with Apoc Salerno PO. Hall 7, Stand 7E07.

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