"Despite the good quality and yields of Italian carrots from the Fucino plain, demand is rather flat and prices are therefore quite low," explains Massimo Pavan, sales manager for Pef srl.

Massimo Pavan.

"In the Ferrara area, summer harvesting ended with unsatisfactory prices and now is the time for the autumn-winter produce. There were a few problems due to heavy rain during initial sowing, but then temperatures were milder. Volumes are in line with last year." 

As regards Sicily, the manager says that sowing has just started.

"I fear the market will stall also because of the Russian situation, as the country used to buy a lot of produce from the Netherlands and France. What used to be shipped to Russia will be poured onto the European market."

"Unless there is a particularly rigid winter or problems with stored produce abroad, I expect things won't be good for Italy or Europe," concludes Massimo Pavan.

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