Peruvian exports of fruit pulp between January and August this year amounted to $14.9 million dollars, i.e. a monthly average of $1.8 million, 55% more than in the previous year ($ 1.2 million). 

According to the latest report from specialized portal Agrodataper├║, the volume shipped amounted to 5,371,355 million kilos and had an average price of $2.77 per kilo. 

Pulp exports within this time period were led by avocado pulp with $11.2 million, and a price of $ 3.00 per kilo, followed by pomegranate pulp for $1.2 million; mango pulp, $997,000, and cherimoya pulp, $997,000. 

Camposol led the top fruit pulp exporting companies with $4.1 million (28% of total), followed by Sociedad Agricola Viru with 2.7 million (18%). 

The main destinations for the pulp were the United States, with 4.8 million (32% of the total), followed by Chile with $2.7 million (18%) and Japan with $2 million (13 %).