SV-Agrii and Mooij Agro have signed an agreement to start a Joint Venture in India. This memorable event took place during the SV-Agri annual convention, which was held on the 10th and 11th of September in Pune.

By entering this Joint Venture it will be possible for SV-Agri and Mooij Agro to develop and implement the best storage technology for the Indian market.

SV-Agri, with around 40 employees, is located in Pune Maharashtra and is well known here for its activities in the cultivation and trade for potatoes for the processing sector. Mooij Agro is located in Horst and is part of the Hotraco Group. Mooij Agro has been successfully active in Asia for years. It has had a Joint Venture in Beijing, China, for over 10 years now.

This Indian Joint Venture offers the opportunity for extensive and complete support for designing, installing, implementing, training, after sales and service for agrarian project there. The locally produced high quality products combined with the key components from the Netherlands offer an excellent storage solution.

The sirs Hemant Gaur (C.E.o. of SV-Agri), Diederik Fetter (C.E.O. of Hotraco Group), Wouter Verheij (Agricultural Council of the Dutch Embassy in India) and Maarten Mooij (Director of Mooij Agro Ltd) were present in Pune to realise this important step for the future of the agrarian industry in India.

Source: Mooij Agro