Leading up to fall Veiling Hoogstraten introduces new packaging for their strawberries. Hoogstraten strawberries will be available in cardboard punnets from October 1st 2014. The 500-gr punnets will be available in a larger cardboard box containing 8 punnets each. The cardboard punnet has been developed to hold 500-grams of strawberries, but in time these punnets could be expanded to other foods as well.

More Information
By launching this type of packaging Veiling Hoogstraten wishes to further their pursuit of becoming a sustainable company. The cardboard punnets are not only environmentally friendlier, but there is also the possibility of putting more information the side of the punnets. The side of the punnet now provides more information such as the website and grower information, so that the consumer can trace the origin of his newly bought strawberries.

The cardboard punnets are proposed as an alternative, not a replacement, to the traditional plastic punnets.