The most exported citrus were the Mexican lime, the Persian lime and oranges, with increases in value of 123.4%, 64.5% and 34.5%, respectively. 

Lime exports, the most exported citric, amounted to $ 254 million dollars and their main destination was the United States, with $166 million. 

Orange exports between January and August amounted to 14.57 million dollars, while in 2013 they amounted to $6.52 million dollars. 

Sergio Ramirez, president of the Mexican Lime Product System, said the increase in value was the result of the decrease in supply. 

"The weather that hit us in 2013 and the pests, such as the HLB in Colima and others that affected us in Michoacán, affected production this year; as the production decreased the prices increased and so did the value of our exports," he said. 

He noted that this increase also occurred in the domestic market, where, for example, lime prices for the industry reached a new record high. 

The main markets for Mexican citrus include the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Italy.