Chilean fresh fruit exports to India in the first half of 2014 amounted to USD $40 million, 174% more than in the same period last season. 

According to a newsletter from the Agricultural and Commercial Office of Chile in India, this result boosts India up three places and the country now ranks as the sixth main destination for Chilean exports. 

Reportedly, experts consider that Narendra Modi's new government has had breakthroughs on reforms and trade liberalization, which have been reflected positively on the expectations of growth and foreign trade. 

In addition, both countries are currently in talks to extend the Partial Scope Agreement, which will provide both countries new opportunities and commercial benefits. 

It's worth noting that, as the newsletter stated, the Indian market, which has more than 1,220 million inhabitants, exhibits relevant opportunities for Chilean exports of agriculture, forestry, and copper, among other sectors. 

"The rise of the middle class in India will progressively impact the demand for food. The increase in purchasing power and the adoption of Western patterns of consumption have led to a faster increase in the requirements of fruit, vegetables, oils and animal products than that of other products, such as rice and wheat," stated the newsletter. 

Source: Fresh Fruit Portal