PLANASA presented its asparagus R&D program in the VI International Asparagus Congress, which was held in Lima on September 18 and 19. The congress, which had as a motto "Leading the market with innovation and excellence," brought together a large number of national and international experts with the aim of showing the world the importance of this vegetable, analysing its situation and examining its productive and commercial path. 

PLANASA distributes its products in Peru via PLANASA CHILE. The CEO of this office, Maximo Gálvez, went to Congress to present the asparagus varieties best suited for the characteristics of the Peruvian market. 

"The sector has been somewhat depressed in recent years, but there is a new interest in renewing the field with genetic material that is different than the UC157 for both green and white asparagus varieties due to the expected higher demand, mainly from the Chinese market," says Galvez. 

PLANASA presented in Congress an R&D program which aims at revitalizing the Peruvian crop,. 

"I would highlight Placosesp and Darlise for their earliness, productivity and top quality. The Cypress variety is also vigorous, it has a good performance, their tips are of great quality in warm climates, and their calibres are homogeneous, large and very rustic. I can't forget the Darzilla variety, of course, as it has a great calibre, tip and productivity. The Darzilla is the new generation of other varieties, such as the Cypress, which we have been selling in Peru for several years," Galvez said. 

According to Gálvez, this variety, which was developed and registered by PLANASA, has yields like that of the UC157 after five harvests (2 per year) in the Peruvian area of Viru, with a higher average weight, greater percentage of exportable product and bigger more homogeneous calibres than the UC157. 

It is not surprising that this new variety has drawn so much attention, not only in Peru but also in other production areas.