Bejo is introducing new varieties of various crops and segments, suitable for both the fresh and processing industry this year. {Perry Kuilboer, sales leader Benelux, gives a tour around organic carrot Norway, Chinese cabbages 2961 and 2949, broccoli Covina and cauliflower Bejo 2936. 

The end of September brings with it the open ground demo days. They were held last week in the north of Noord-Holland. At Bejo Seeds there was not only attention for the new and existing varieties, but also space for suppliers to present themselves. It drew an international crowd. Perry Kuilboer, sales leader, selected five appealing introductions for the Benelux.

Nantes carrot Norway

The Norway carrot is a nantes carrots for storage cultivation. The variety has strong leaves, which is important for the organic sector. The variety performs well under difficult circumstances and maintains its growing power. "This is an improvement on the standard variety," says Perry Kuilboer. "You can see it in this period, just after summer. It continues to grow without any problems and this counts when it comes to the production." The variety provides uniform carrots which are suitable for dish carrots and has around 140 growing days after emergence.

Chinese cabbages Bejo 2961 and Bejo 2949

Bejo is strong within the Chinese cabbages, and to maintain this position they have to continually develop. This is why the breeder is putting two new Chinese cabbages on the market this season. Both have a round cutting surface which makes them labour friendly to harvest and peel. Bejo 2961 is for the late summer and autumn cultivation and is, at 50 to 70 growing days, also suitable for storage. Bejo 2949 grows slightly more slowly (65 to 75 days) and is a real storage cabbage.

Broccoli Covina

Bejo is introducing the Covina to broccoli this year. The variety has an open crop and a firm round screen with (medium) fine buds. Covina is suitable for summer and autumn cultivation. What is striking about the variety is the large specific size and that the variety can easily grow to 500 grams. The shelf life after harvest is fine.

Cauliflower Bejo 2936

Cauliflower Bejo 2936 is both suitable for the fresh and the processing industry. The variety is suitable for around summer and autumn and has a strikingly good self cover. "The firm, compact cabbage and rosettes combined with the high specific weight mean that there is a lot of interest from the industry," says Kuilboer. "It is a high percentage product with little waste." The labour friendliness of the variety also stands out.

Besides these varieties Bejo is also introducing a new variety of red beets, an early premier variety of cauliflower, a radicchio, two sprout varieties, two onion varieties, the carrot variety Natuna, a very early asparagus variety and an autumn leek variety. Click here for more information about these products.

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