PerfoTec has been nominated for the EBAE, the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment. There are 16 finalists from 9 different countries. The winners will be announced during a ceremony in Lyon on December 1, 2014, during the Pollutec exhibition. The EBAE is awarded to innovative companies that successfully combine innovation, competitiveness, and excellent environmental achievements. The finalists were chosen from 152 entries. 

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PerfoTec is dedicated to reducing food waste

In the chain, over 40% of all fresh produce is thrown away. This is a thorn in the side for all parties, and the question is: who takes the lead to reduce this waste? PerfoTec from Mijdrecht came up with a solution to improve shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. "By reducing the oxygen levels in the packaging, we put the product to sleep, as it were." 

Together with TOP BV, PerfoTec developed the respiration meter. PerfoTec's unique technology to improve shelf life was born.

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Ivo Hendriks, commercial manager at PerfoTec