Sweet Sensations acreage is growing worldwide and their pears are currently fully available. At the beginning of this month the pears were plucked with care, and starting next week they will be on European shelves.

"We are confident that Sweet Sensation is going to prove itself on a global scale. Not only because of the red tint the pears have but also due to the sweet and fresh taste that makes it stand out. The peer can be eaten with or without the skin," says Piet Hein Rietveld, sales coordinator for The Greenery. "This pear offers opportunities in the market for growers and retailers. These pears are being harvested in large quantities in not only the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in England, France and Italy.

Sweet Sensation is a premium red pear that was introduced to the market in 2013. This club variety was marketed in a closed concept. Therefore strict (and high) requirements are applied regarding the quality and the safety of the product. This year Sweet Sensation has become clearly recognizable due to their distinctive brand identity. Using the slogan 'Love at First Bite' the marketing campaign this year includes store demonstrations, on-pack promotions and different advertisements. The marketing campaign further emphasizes the distinctive features of this pear.

The Greenery expects good prices for the Sweet Sensation pear due to the interest shown by diverse customers. This year approximately 5 million kilograms of Sweet Sensation pears are being harvested in the Netherlands. Due to the warm spring the pears are being plucked 4 weeks earlier than normal. The pears are plucked with great care. In order to prevent damage to the skin the pears are carefully set into the cases. The pears are also stored in ideal conditions and then they are delivered when they are perfectly ripe.

The Sweet Sensation pear is available in a one or two layer package with the recognizable Sweet Sensation box and the PLU sticker, it can also be packaged with four pears in one in an attractive consumer box.

Product information
For product and commercial information you can contact Ton van Wiggen at The Greenery, tel. +31 (0)180 656 945, e-mail: t.vanwiggen@thegreenery.com.