Camposol’s Blueberries will be arriving at the European ports as of week 37 in order to start the 2014 season.

The Peruvian group will export, in total, approximately 2,000 tons of blueberries this year. More than half of the total volume will be marketed in the United States (55%) and approximately 15% in Asia. 25% will go to the European market, especially to Germany and the UK.

A considerable part of Camposol’s marketing budget for this year has been dedicated to developing promotional activities for Camposol’s blueberry brand. In-store tastings for two large German retail chains are being coordinated and scheduled to begin as of October. The aim is to introduce Camposol’s blueberry brand as the primary reference of quality and flavour.

At the same time, Camposol will develop tasting panels in the UK to hone, with the help of the consumers, the positioning of the Peruvian varieties with respect to flavour, in comparison to those coming from Argentina and Uruguay. This benchmarking will serve as a guide for the introduction of this product in a major market such as the UK and also as a guide for the future development of Camposol’s blueberry business, adapting the produce to the latest trends in international markets.

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