The 2013-2017 Strategic Plan elaborated by Bilbao's Port Authority (PA), whose main goal is to increase traffic volumes back to the levels registered five years ago, includes a commitment to recover the port's transoceanic character.

The president of the PA, Asier Atutxa, explained the basics of the Strategic Plan and pointed out that the entity is seeking to obtain two new container lines for Africa and America which should attract about fifteen large shippers. 

For Atutxa, who believes the main goal in the coming years is to "seek new traffic around the world" attributed a good part of the success of this initiative to the increase in intermodal solutions and of Short Sea Shipping. He also defended the transoceanic character of Bilbao's port, especially with America, and the search for business opportunities in Asia. The relationship with Europe appears to be consolidated, as 45% of Bilbao's traffic goes to Atlantic Europe.

The port of Bilbao's commercial activities, to be carried out through a Business Plan, will be approved before the year's end and led by Atutxa himself, should therefore gain in intensity over the coming years.