The Italian grape season is just about over at Nino Ferrari, but they will still be available till the beginning of January. "We now still have long-life varieties. The start of the season with the Vittoria grapes ran better than the Italia season" Sophie Ringoot explains. 'The Vittoria was of exceptional quality. Italia was very good taste-wise, but the size was a little small and the colour sometimes disappointing. The market was different because this season the demand was low. All in all we could say that we have a reasonably good season behind us, but definitely not the very best."

According to Sophie prices this season are lower than last year. "It is of course dependent on the variety and the hallmark, but on average the grapes cost between 20 and 50 cents less. I expect for the coming weeks a quiet market. One notices the decrease in demand. More winter products, such as citrus, are taking its place. Towards the end of the year demand often increases somewhat. Then, for instance, grapes are presented with cheese dishes, but actually the season is close to its end."

Start with Italian vegetables
Nino Ferrari at the moment has again started with the Italian vegetables. "Of these we really have a large variety. The demand is good with the cold weather, the colder the better the sale of vegetables. We have all kinds from Chinese cabbage and spinach to romanesco and radiccio.

This is the first year at Nino Ferrari for Sophie. The Ringoot group took Nino Ferrari over in April this year. "We have just moved to bigger premises. We are in the former warehouses of Pauwels, warehouse 39/40, where we have a lot more space. Our telephone and fax numbers remain the same" Sophie concludes.

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