In the Mexico Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual issued by the USDA on the 25th of November, it was learned that apple production in Mexico for MY 2013/14 (August/July) is forecast at 605,000 metric tons (MT). This would mean a record crop due to better weather.

The outlook is also positive for pear imports, which are expected to increase 11% for MY 2013/14 (July/June).

Due to a cooler winter and spring in Sonora, the total Mexican table grape production for MY 2013/14 (May/April) is forecast lower at 261,000 MT. Grape exports are expected to decline due to a delay in the start of harvest.

The United States remains the leading exporter of fresh grapes to Mexico with more than 66 percent of total imports coming from the U.S. Consumption of California table grapes has also increased by 24% between 2008 and 2012. This growth was match with a 32% percent increase in the export value during the same time period.

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