Koen De Bruyne from the company De Bruyne Food Processing Equipment, inherited the company from his parents on 1st January 2013. "We have always been a family business. My wife and eldest sister are also active in the business. In recent years we have seen a larger growth in export. In the field of processing lines the Belgian market has exploded but there are not any new processing companies. We are more focused on export and have built up a network of dealers and sellers so we can deliver to the whole world. We have been active in Belgium, The Netherlands and France and in many upcoming countries for years. Right now we are busy with a project in Russia where we placed more lines this year. Other countries which we supply are Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Finland and India. Next year we will be busy starting a major new project in India. We receive funding through the organisation FIT in Belgium to assist setting up products in less developed countries."

Processing potatoes and vegetables
"In 1930 my grandfather Michel manufactured agricultural machinery. My father Jozef subsequently developed the business further by focusing on the manufacture of potato processing machinery. Even today we deliver complete installations for the processing of potatoes and vegetables. Basically we offer complete lines and components from the beginning of the process to the packaging of the products. Just a couple of years ago this was only for potatoes, but over recent years more vegetables have been added. Carrots, onions, celery and beetroot are amongst the most important processed vegetables. We deliver 70% to the potato industry and the rest to the vegetable industry. We expect to expand this in the future. In addition to the production, sale and installation of new machines, we also deal in second hand machines."

"There is always movement in this sector. Machines need to be maintained. Applying new layers of silicon carbide peeling rolls in diverse diameters and lengths is also part of our business. We also specialise in blasting metal to keep it rust free for third parties. We have around 20 workers and a sales team for abroad. In Belgium alone we have 600 peeling machines running. Our products are delivered under the brand De Bruyne. We have built up a good reputation for delivering quality at a reasonable price. We are recognised for our 'know how', mouth to mouth advertising and particularly excellent service."

New machines
"We are presently busy developing new machines and we expect these to be available to the market in the New Year." De Bruyne continues to invest in the future: "We will shortly build a new warehouse for further expansion. As a company we are constantly looking for new challenges but customer satisfaction is central to our business."

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