"In contrast to the non-selfpacking exporters the packing stations and the selfpacking exports are aiming for a healthy situation in the onion market. Most packers have access to expensive onions. The market should consequently go up. I'm not saying that the market is very positive at the moment, but it's not like nothing is going out," says Rinus Wisse of TOP Onions.

"At the moment there are onions going to Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and the Far East. The traditional onion buying countries in Europe are on the market too. Next week there is a boat going to Senegal/Mauritania, followed by Ivory Coast. We'll be in the middle of Christmas orders in mid November. The first ships to Russia could also go any minute. The first containers have already been shipped to Russia. This is why I'm cautiously positive. In the end it's not about whether the onions cost 18 or 24 cents, the countries who buy will stay on the market."

TOP has been active in the cultivation and processing of onions for decades. The company has locations in Holland, France and the US and is widely represented in the onion market, from yellow onions to baked onions and from shallots to onion oil.