After the disastrous chestnut harvest caused by drought in the Serrania de Ronda (Andalusia) last year, there was plenty of rainfall last Winter and Spring and moderate Summer temperatures resulting in a rich chestnut harvest, reports the German Agricultural Information Bureau (AMI) on their website.
According to the association Asaja Malaga, harvest of the early variety Portuguesa began on 23 September, 10 days later than usual. Although rainfall led to postponement of the early harvest, it led to the fruit being opened more quickly and easily. Early varieties Portuguesa or Bravia Temprana do not dominate the cultivation in Serrania de Ronda. The main variety with over 95% of the production area is actually Pilonga.
This year, the total harvest volume amounts from 75 to 85% of a full harvest of 5,000 tons of chestnuts. About 40% of the expected harvest volume from the Genal Valley is annually exported. The main customers are Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and France, but Italy also buy chestnuts when their own harvest is too small.