Most German consumers prefer a medium sized truss tomato over a big truss tomato. Moreover, more than 60% were prepared to pay more for the smaller tomato type. This is the conclusion of consumer research that was conducted this month, requested by the chain team for Rijk Zwaan in Germany.

In this study, 556 consumers in two different German supermarkets were questioned. Tomatoes of the variety Cappricia RZ (truss middle) were compared to the current standard variety for big cluster tomatoes. 86% of the respondents indicated they preferred the Cappricia, and 68% thought that this tomato tasted better.

Strikingly, 63% of the respondents said to be willing to pay more for the smaller tomato. 20% were not prepared to pay extra, and 17% didn't know or replied 'maybe'.

According to Rijk Zwaan, the survey shows how important it is to keep on
investing in the development, cultivation and sales of smaller tomato types.

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