A glut of red grapefruit from South Africa has lingered on the European market and caused prices to remain low. Israeli growers, whose season has gotten off to a slow start due to the prevalence of competing fruit, expect existing supplies of fruit will be sold and the market will open up for them in the coming weeks.

“Clients are obligated to finish stocks of red grapefruit that were left over from this summer,” said Tomer Ezra, general manager for Mehadrin Holland Branch. “They can't go to fresh fruit from Israel before they finish the fruit they have from South Africa.” While existing supplies of fruit are still on the market, prices will remain low. But Ezra believes the market could clear up and pave the way for Israeli grapefruit in two weeks, though that's also when Turkish grapefruit is available. While competing Turkish fruit will exert downward pressure on prices, the market will at least be more open than it is now. “Sooner or later the market will open up,” said Ezra. “Prices might be low, but the market will be open.”

In contrast to grapefruit, Ezra was happy at how their sweetie and red pomelo programs have gone. Both seasons have had good sales at good prices, noted Ezra. Similarly, Mehadrin's avocado season has gone well thus far. The Ettinger avocado is the current variety available, and it will be Mehadrin's main variety of avocado until December when they switch to other green skin varieties and Hass avocados.

Date volumes are expected to be higher this season than they were the previous year. Though Bari dates are no longer available, Red Sea Medjool, Black Medjool and King Medjool dates are abundant. Ezra is not sure how much more volume will be available this year, but he expects a definite increase. Also available are Deglet Noor dates, which are smaller and drier than Medjool dates. Sales for all varieties have been steady this season, noted Ezra.

“We've sold more than we expected so far,” said Ezra. “Prices have been steady, so we're happy about how the season has gone so far, and we hope it will continue like this.”

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