Turbana announced the launch of "Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness," a nationwide movement that aims to inspire Americans to live actively, eat healthy, get involved in their communities, and ultimately care about the well-being of the world around them. The campaign kicks off with a road tour where a branded Turbana truck will be traveling to different cities and events with messages that support "Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness," providing thousands of samples to consumers, directing them to Turbana's local retailers, and inviting consumers to "Tally Me In" to the movement.

Aligned with Turbana's core values, "Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness" mirrors Turbana's philosophy, which has always been about providing healthy, responsible foods, practicing fair business and caring about Turbana's communities. Turbana's Marketing Director, Marion Tabard, says, "We want to stimulate people to be active, eat well, care about the environment, and be proactive about creating a healthy life for themselves and their families. We're starting with the east coast road tour and will be unveiling more on and offline initiatives in the coming months." "Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness" aspires to reach 20 million people and incorporates Turbana's retail partners into the movement.
To learn more about the "Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness" social movement, please visit booth #4139 at the upcoming 2013 Fresh Summit Expo in New Orleans. To arrange an interview with a Turbana executive at Fresh Summit, please contact Eva Fedderly at eva@spunpr.com.

For more information: www.turbana.com