Anne Kuperus fromKuperus Foods has been producing black garlic exclusively for the west Europeanmarket for years, and with success as the produce becomes betterknown. "Restaurants have been using it on the menu, so now I amlooking for distributers, food suppliers and delicatessens who will also take on theproduct so that consumers can by it themselves," explained Anne during theSpeciality Food Fair, which the AGF 'Detail in wood' had simultaneouslyorganised.

Anne Kuperus

"This year’ssales are already a lot better than last year, due to increased prominence. Alot go to Scandinavia, Germany and Belgium and we are also starting to sell tothe French." explained Anne. In the Netherlands, black garlic is available bythe Vegetable Kiosk and Exotenhof and via Wholesalers BUD Holland, Eminent,Stephanos, Lindenhoff, Rungis, Sligro, Van Geest International Grower andVroegop-Windig.

Kuperus Foods supply the black garlic in bulbs, peeled cloves and pulp."There are no flavourings or conservatives added to the product, garlic is theonly ingredient. Black garlic is known for its health properties. Studies haveshown that black garlic has twice the amount of antioxidants of normalgarlic. Black garlic is much easier for the body to digest compared towhite garlic", said Anne.

"The soft, jelly like texture and rich flavour can be eaten as an ingredient or as a healthy snack. An additional advantage is that after consumption there is no trace of odour or bad breath", explained the seller. "Only the price at 7.50 a pot, is still a bottleneck for some buyers!"

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