Sun World International LLC has appointed two companies in Central and South American agriculture, as grape producer-marketer licensees.

Camposol S.A. of Peru and Grupo Alta of Sonora Mexico have been granted rights to produce Sun World grape varieties in their respective countries, to distribute and market their fruit and to use Sun World’s brands in the marketplace, Sun World Executive Vice President David Marguleas said.

Grupo Alta was established in 1989 by its original founders, Enrique Camou, Carlos Bon and Alan Aguirre, its current CEO. Located in the state of Sonora, Mexico, Grupo Alta farms several products in seven different ranches, mainly stone fruit, melons, pecan, hot house vegetables and most important, table grapes. It prides itself on its commitment to innovation, food safety, ethical standards and packing quality.

Camposol was founded in Peru in 1997 and today owns more than 25,000 hectares (61,000 acres) throughout Peru’s agricultural regions. It is one of the world’s largest asparagus exporter, one of the world’s largest avocado producers and a leading grape producer-exporter. Its grape operation is managed by Manzur Fegale, fruit division general manager.

“Grupo Alta’s specific attention to producing and marketing quality fruit makes them a compelling partner and a great addition to the Sun World licensing family,” Marguleas noted, adding that “Camposol’s broad-based involvement in the Peruvian fruit industry and its singular commitment to grape production in Peru’s Piura region will bring even greater strength to our aim for truly year-round supply capability.”

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