On behalf of California’s table grape growers, the California Table Grape Commission is offering teaching grants worth up to $750 each to educators in the table grape growing regions of California’s San Joaquin and Coachella valleys.

The “Innovation in Teaching” grants support creative classroom projects in the areas of agriculture, math, science, California history, art and health. Previously funded projects include weather forecasting, school-based gardens, a re-enactment of California history, robotics and afterschool cooking classes.

Elementary, junior high and high school teachers in California’s table grape growing regions are urged to apply, with applications available. The deadline for submissions is October 11, 2013.

In the 2012 school year, the education grants program reached over 5,000 students. The education grants are part of a community outreach program that also includes table grape field worker and agricultural scholarships.

For more information:
Jeff Klitz
Grapes From California
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Tel: 559.447.8350
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