Resembling giant green onions, leeks are a delicious, versatile vegetable long favored by Europeans. Just starting to gain traction in the USA, leeks have a mild, sweet onion and garlic aroma that everybody can love. They make a wonderful addition to soups (Leek & Potato is a classic), add great moisture to cornbread, pair wonderfully with mussels and clams, and enhance omelets, pizzas, savory tarts, and salads. Left whole, they can be grilled or braised—caramelized really brings out the best in this wonderful vegetable. A true kitchen workhorse, leeks make almost any savory dish even better.

• Year round availability
• Larger premium variety with more edible flesh vs. common Leeks (see photo to left)
• Popular multi-ethnic produce ingredient
• Cylindrical shape makes them easy to chop
• No tears: unlike onions, don’t irritate tear ducts
• Trendy foodservice item
• Keep refrigerated
• Product of USA

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