Earlier this year, Van Nature announced it would be expanding the growing area of crops cultivated under lighting in order to widen its range. For the winter of 2016/2017 two more affiliated growers have started producing under grow light thereby effectively increasing the range offered by Van Nature.

"Our contact with customers clearly revealed that offering a wider range of produce in the winter was possible. For example, Van Nature's Wild Tomato Mix has turned out to be such a success that availability through the winter months is necessary. Practical circumstances at the nurseries halted availability of the tomatoes for a few weeks, but as from today the Wild Tomato Mix is back on the market and continuity can be guaranteed for next season." A Van Nature representative reported.

Customers increasingly demand produce with the high standards of food safety, sustainability and quality. Van Nature believes it can satisfy this demand with produce grown under lighting.

In consultation with Van Nature, Kwekerij Luimes and Brabander-Zantman VOF installed grow lighting for their respective crops of cucumbers and tomato specialities this year. This expansion increases the diversity of the range of produce grown under lighting for the company.

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