“We started to export the first new ginger of the 2016 season three weeks ago. Overall quality is better than last year and yield has increased. This is because weather conditions in autumn have been great. We currently export our early harvest ginger, which originates from a number of bases, and which has a short mature period. Our first containers are expected to reach Europe in two weeks, according to Charlie of Anqiu Baisheng Food, a ginger grower and exporter
“Ginger export prices are likely to go up slightly in the weeks before Chinese New Year at the beginning of February. After Chinese New Year, export volumes from China will pick up, and eventually the price will stabilise.”

“The quality of this year’s newly harvested ginger is so far so good; the ginger is good in size and dries well. The ginger market is not comparable to the current situation on the garlic market. Garlic farmers often have no capacity to store the garlic they grow, which is bought by third party players. Ginger farmers, on the other hand, often have processing and storage capacity. As such they are more in control.

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