Now that it’s able to tout the fact that its healthy—not simply nutritious—the next step for avocados seems to be encouraging consumers to think beyond the humble, albeit popular, guacamole. “We’re seeing that in both consumer and foodservice, people are more aware that avocados can be a healthy part of their diet and a great addition to menus,” says Mark Garcia of the Avocados from Mexico marketing board. “We can now talk about the health aspects and remind people it’s not just for guacamole and slices anymore.”

Tapping into Christmas 
While Christmas isn’t necessarily associated with avocados, that's something Garcia is hoping to change. “The holidays aren’t thought of as a typical high-menu promotion with avocados, but for a lot of our retailers and operators, avocados are part of their menus,” says Garcia. “Because there’s so much cooking at home, or for parties around this time of year, we hold strong with consumers. And on the restaurant side of things, for operators, this is one of their top times of the year.”
The Big Game spike
And once the holidays are done, avocados do see a bump in sales in the early part of the year, thanks to not only healthy eating resolutions but the event which often features avocados front and center on its menus: the Big Game. 

Spreading the avocado news 
In the meantime, the board continues to work on presenting the foodservice side of the business with new ways of incorporating avocados. “The new technique we’re talking about this year is how to use avocados in sauces and spreads. So from dressing to salsas to pestos to spreads to butters—anything in that category,” Garcia says. “Some of the ideas include a Bloody Mary avocado salsa that goes on a breakfast sandwich or an avocado hot honey butter that can go on biscuits. This is in addition to the classic ways to use avocado, which is in place of dairy in dressings or spreads.”

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