The east and south west of Antioquia are the subregions where the avocados that Colombia exports to the world are cultivated.

According to the Secretariat of Agriculture of Antioquia, their biggest foreign market is Europe, and exporters are currently trying to introduce the fruit to the US.

"According to the statistics that we have, the largest producers are the municipalities of El Retiro, Sonson and Urrao, among others, and the land management plan of Antioquia allows our territory to specialise in the cultivation of avocados; to know how, when and where to plant it in each of the regions of the department," explained agriculture secretary Jaime Garzón Araque.

The official said that research is underway in order to determine which other municipalities are suitable for the crop's cultivation.

For the strengthening and control of this production, a producer competitiveness agreement was signed with the administrative centre for rural development, which aims to facilitate the growth of exports.

"The association of all producers with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will allow us to develop the necessary projects to continue boosting the avocado production and in turn encourage the export of this fruit," stated the agriculture secretary.

For the committee of producers, the challenge is to improve the quality and increase the price, which this year has stood at 3,500 pesos per kilo (about 1.09 Euro).