The Canadian Minister of Agricultural and Agri-Food (AAFC), Lawrence MacAulay, recently visited China. He was leading a delegation of the largest agricultural production and processing system of Canada. When the delegation was visiting Beijing, time was taken to visit the Canadian Agriculture Exhibition at the Four Seasons Hotel. The exhibition revealed the high quality of Canadian agricultural food products, fish and seafood products. Mr. MacAulay personally went to the exhibition stand. 

Neri Vautour, a member of the delegation who is also the head of the North American Wild Blueberry Association, stated that the Chinese market is huge with an unlimited potential for wild blueberries. He believes that in the coming years the living standards of the Chinese people will continue to increase, as will their awareness of green issues. As that happens, Chinese importing businesses will continue to search for better products on the international market in order to satisfy the growing demands of the Chinese consumers. The market development shows a huge potential and the wild blueberry products from Canada have good prospects on the Chinese market.


国 (國) [Guó]

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国 (國) [guó]

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