Since opening on Tuesday, the number of participants for 2016 Central China (Hunan) Agriculture Expo continues to rise. Compared with previous years, this year's Expo not only exhibits specialty products from all over China, but also quality agricultural products from all over the world, including: Russia, France, South Africa, Canada, Thailand and Australia.

Exhibitors from Africa, Latin America and Oceania also joined this Expo for the first time, and in the end a total of over 120 foreign enterprises from 31 countries and regions attended. Specialty products were exhibited, such as hazelnuts from Turkey, birdnests from Malaysia, coconut and latex products from Thailand and Vietnam, leather goods made from crocodile skin from South Africa, red wine from France, chocolate from Russia, milk powder and olive oil from Australia etc. Exhibitors came from Ghana for the first time, and the chairman of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce not only introduced their special products to the audience in Chinese, but also brought a fantastic African drum performance. He said that the rapid development of China's second and third tier cities is opening up new, potential consumer markets, and he hopes to introduce more Ghanaian agricultural products to consumers in Hunan province and other Chinese consumers.

The Agriculture Expo has been held successfully and continuously for the last 17 years. The current Agriculture Expo focuses on building a "both online and offline," all-round intelligent agricultural ecosystem. Its total exhibition area covers 52,000 square meters, which includes 2,500 exhibitors and nearly 3,000 booths, making for an all-time record attendance. The Expo set up a total of nine sections, including regional sections such as Taiwan, Tibet and Central 5 provinces, but also a tea & wine section, a fresh vegetable and fruits section, a live
stock section and a snack section. 

Source: Netease