The president of the Farmers Association Baluarte River, Roberto Crespo Duran, stated that producers were "conducting the first cuts of chili in the city of Rosario, especially in the margins of the Baluarte River."

Crespo Duran said the weather had been very favorable for the farmers who had planted vegetables because, unlike other seasons, it had not rained, which benefitted the crops.

Thanks to the absence of rainfall, there has been a lower reproduction of pests, which has resulted in a decrease in pesticide costs.

Crespo Duran also said that, despite the good production, chili prices had decreased and that producers were being paid 4 to 5 pesos less per kilo. However, he said, they expected prices would improve in the coming days so farmers would be able to cover their expenses and make a profit.

"The three most planted varieties in the municipality are the serrano, jalapeno, ancho, and also the tomato," he said. "Some producers have already started the harvest but most will begin in early December," he added.