La Galera Produce, a merchant, at the Chicago International Produce Market (CIPM) is committed to bringing the best in Mexican fruits and vegetables to their customers. In 2015, they began their search for a flexible software system that could increase operational efficiency and traceability. 

Francisco Vega, the owner, commented, “We noticed Produce Pro at the United Fresh 2015 convention and also learned that a fellow merchant at the CIPM had just implemented their software solution which came highly recommended.”

In May 2016, La Galera officially went live with Produce Pro and hasn’t looked back. The system has provided the ability to utilize different currencies, efficiently place orders for customers with multiple stores, and enhance visibility on product details. “Produce Pro has not only made my job easier, but my customer’s job easier,” said Jose Vega Jr., Owner.

“The system is extremely flexible. We were able to customize certain things based on the needs of our business which has helped resolve several currency issues we had previously, giving us the ability to pay vendors in pesos. Now everything flows seamlessly together, said Erica Vega.” 

Jose Vega Jr. added, “Being able to group customers with multiple stores has made order placement easier, faster and more efficient, now that we have Produce Pro.” 

“We wouldn’t be able to live without all of the traceability features. It has helped us track down every detail related to our products,” said Xiomara Herrera, Administrative Assistant.

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