Ter Brinke BV from Creil, the Netherlands, and Restrain have thought of a unique concept in order to get more stems and tubers on potato plants. This means both seed potato and consumption potato cultivators will receive higher yields with more tubers in the correct sizes. Last year, more than 4,000 hectares of seed potatoes were treated with ethylene. By now, more than 100 potato strains have been examined for the effects of Restrain ethylene. Each examined strain now has figures about effectivity.

Restrain ethylene can be applied to:
  • Seed potatoes for the seed potato cultivation: more tubers, higher yields, better calibration;
  • Seed potatoes for consumption and starch potatoes: more tubers, better calibration, fewer seeds needed;
  • Seed potatoes for table potatoes: more tubers, better calibration.

Benefits of storing seed potatoes in Restrain ethylene:
  • It is possible to store the seed potatoes at warmer temperatures;
  • It is practically no longer needed to turn or overturn the seed potatoes;
  • Flexible storing up to planting;
  • Monitored storage, also at CO2 level;
  • Less labour and effort.

Higher yield:
  • Potential to have 15% more tubers per plant (dependent on strain and growing circumstances);
  • More buds per tuber;
  • More stems per plant;
  • Uniform sorting (also important for table potatoes).
For more information:
Dirk Garos
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