Thanks to a consumer demand for more variety in their packaging and fruit availability, more bag options are being made available for the small, sweet fruit. 

“There’s more activity this year with the bagging programs,” says Kevin Carroll, DNE World Fruit LLC in Fort Pierce, Fl. “Typically it has tended to be more of a five-lb. box window but a lot more retailers this year are switching over to more bag options such as two and five lb. bags along with the traditional three lb. bag.” Not only do consumers want more variety in the amount of fruit they buy, but the bagging options work well for different types of stores. “For some stores, it’s better to move larger five lb. bags whereas your local grocer, a two lb. bag is good for the more frequent consumer,” says Carroll. 

Growing appeal of clementines
More packaging options are part of the response to the growth in this category as a whole. “Consumption has grown and everybody is just tailoring to the increased consumption,” says Carroll. And with growing interest comes growing competition. “In addition to our Spanish program, Morocco has aimed to increase their presence, as we’ve seen a trend with them exporting more fruit the past few years,” notes Carroll. “And with the continued growth of California, there seems to be more competition from all sides.”

Shifting in supply 
For DNE that supply is currently coming in from Spain, though once that tapers off by late-January, Morocco and Israel will come in with later season varieties. “That includes the Nadorcott from Morocco, which is a very sweet mandarin with good overall appearance, and the Orri from Israel, which has a very unique flavor.” Carroll adds. 

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