The person to put forth the idea of a cultivation robot was Nie Huanhui, a bachelor student at the information science faculty of the Guangdong electromechanical vocation college. This robot is different from others because it is actually a glass box. The inside of it also looks very simple: a white plate with holes smaller than a coin arranged on it. From these holes, plants grow at different intervals. The earliest was 10 days ago, the longest more than 40 days. The plants of 10 days are already 2,5 cm on average. The plants that are 40 days old can be harvested. 

These vegetables are cultivated only with water. The box is equipped with a few automatic installations that can be controlled with a smart phone or computer software. The box can water the plants inside it, adjust the lighting, regulate the application of fertiliser and control the temperature. Even when you're away from home for a while, the plants don't have to worry that there's no one to take care of them. 

Compared to the trend of household cultivation on the balcony or the roof that is popular in cities these days, robot cultivation is even safer and more convenient. It also has no negative effect o your home environment. The whole cultivation process brings no pollution. Because it can provide lighting over the whole spectrum 24 hours per day, the plants that the robot cultivates grow very quickly.


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