Antonio Dominguez, President of the International Raspberry Organization (IRO), is already in Peru to participate in the VII International Berries Seminar, organized by Sierra y Selva Exportadora, to be held on Monday the 14 and Tuesday the 15 of November, in the cities of Chiclayo and Cajamarca respectively.

The seminar's theme is "World Berries Perspectives" which aims to analyze the Peru's raspberry planting potential, one of the best listed berries on the world market, that can become an important national agricultural exports crop, Dominguez said.

Within the berries group, cranberry has seen the most growth in the last five years, starting at zero in 2011, then went to $465,000 in 2012, and $15.1 million in the 2013; 29.2 billion in 2014, and culminating with more than 90 million dollars in 2015.

For this reason, the Chilean expert recommends that you now bet on Peruvian raspberry, which differs from cranberries as they can be much more perishable, and a different marketing.

Source: Walac Noticias / Sierra Exportadora