Peruvian blueberries have a large potential demand in economies that are part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum, as said by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru Export and Tourism (PromperĂș) PromperĂș.

"Blueberries are the next star of the Peruvian export offer, for in China alone we have the potential to grow by $400 million," said PromPeru export director, Luis Torres.

"Exotic fruits and herbs are also going to have a space in the markets that make up APEC in the medium and the long term," he said.

Torres stressed that Peru has used its position towards the Asia Pacific very intensively with trade agreements with China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile, which have given the opportunity to provide Peruvian entrepreneurs with preferential access.

"We are positioning ourselves with a portfolio of agro-industrial products, such as grapes, asparagus, mangoes and others, which generates spaces to promote the sustained growth of our exports," he said.

He added that in commercial terms this means that for certain products the country is known and is a benchmark.

"If accompanied by the quality and certification of our export supply we will be able to increase our shipments" he stated.

The PromPeru official stressed that Peru ranks second as a supplier in the Apec economies, of products such as canned vegetables or fresh avocados.

At the international seminar "Business Opportunities in Peru with Apec member countries", organized by the University ESAN, Torres said fresh grapes and whole dried paprika are in third place.