As part of its overall push to provide alternate ways of consuming pistachios, Setton International Foods Inc. has launched three new nut blends: the Pistachio Berry Blend, the Crème Brûlèe Blend and the Sweet & Salty Blend.

“We’re figuring out how to get more pistachio products into retailers hands because they are looking for nut-based protein-type snacks that aren’t complicated but still simple and delicious,” says Joseph Setton, vice-president of domestic sales and marketing for Long Island, NY’s Setton Farms. “We’ve launched these products because people do want pistachios but their lifestyles are on the go so these products help them do that. You’re seeing our products in several airport stores, convenience stores and in many different types of stores that aren’t your traditional food supermarkets.” 

Repositioning pistachios
The Blends are an extension of Setton’s move into positioning pistachios as a portable, healthy sweet snack. Setton’s existing pistachio snack products include the Dark Chocolate Covered Pistachios and Pistachio Chewy Bites, a chewy mini-granola bar type product. 

Packed with protein
“Traditionally pistachios had been viewed as a salty snack,” says Setton. “But over the last several years, people are starting to understand that they’re a very healthy snack. And they have protein. Most products are trying to figure out how to infuse their products superficially with protein whereas the pistachio naturally has it.” 

These pistachio products offer consumers a combination of a sweet and healthy treat. “Consumers don’t have to necessarily compromise their healthy lifestyles with these products,” adds Setton. 

Joseph Setton 
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