Sinaloa began its vegetable export season to the United States with the expectation of generating a major source of income over the next 6 months.

Ulises Robles Gámez, the president of the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of Sinaloa (CAADES), said the start of the vegetable export season was always encouraging. The shipping of fresh vegetables to the neighboring country created many jobs, as the state receives significant resources that positively impact upon the productive sectors during this period.

The export season started with the first shipments of pickled cucumber sent to Nogales, Sonora, where they will be directed to the US.

He said that, even though the volumes were still small, this first shipment was important because it represented the start of a season that traditionally generates an economic impact on the entity that benefits the whole production chain.

The area devoted to the production of different seasonal perishable products in the state, which include tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, green beans, cucumber, pickles and squash, among others, will reach 53,000 hectares this year.

"The export volumes of this and other products will start to gain importance by mid-November. The flow of volumes will begin to increase and reach its highest levels during the first three months of 2017, when the state harvests tomatoes and other vegetables that are important to our economy," said Vinicio Montiel Ibarra, president of the Farmers Association of Rio Fuerte Sur.