The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) stated that Peru exported 247 thousand tons of avocado last year, i.e. 27% more than in 2016, which makes the country the second largest producer of avocados in the world.

The country mainly ships Hass avocado. Exports of this variety amounted to nearly US $ 580 million, 46% more than what they amounted to in 2016.

Six countries (the Netherlands, United States, Spain, England, China, and Chile) accounted for 95% of the value exported during 2017.

In 2017, Peru produced more than 470 thousand tons of avocado, i.e. 3.4% more than in 2016. The departments of La Libertad, Lima, Ica, and Junin account for 80 % of the national production.

The avocado is the third most important agricultural export product, behind coffee and grapes.

According to data from the 2016 Trade Map, Peru is the world's second biggest supplier of avocado in volume, only surpassed by Mexico.

Health in avocados
The country has been able to boost its avocado shipments in great part thanks to the intervention of the National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa), which between 2015 and 2016 implemented phytosanitary protocols so that the Peruvian fruit could access the Chinese market, which has some 1,400 million consumers.

The signing of the phytosanitary protocol between Peru and China allowed the country to export 14% of all of its avocados to China in 2016.