Whereas in previous years the grape market occasionally collapsed, the opposite is true this year. "There haven't been large volumes available for weeks and the prices are higher than in other years," says Lucien de Wit of Luba Fresh. "The prices of white seedless grapes are around 11-12.50 Euro and blue seeded are also being sold for 11-12 Euro. The Red Globe grapes from Peru are coming from a very high level, around 22 Euro at the start of January, and are now still at a good price level at around 15-16 Euro." 

"South Africa sent fewer grapes due to the drought. We have the first arrivals from India planned next week and those prospects are good. Less grapes are expected from there too and the market of white seedless grapes is relatively empty. High prices are being made for the South African and Chilean grapes which gives the grapes from India, which are lower in cost price, plenty of opportunity. In the end there will be sufficient trade from India, but last year they entered an overflowing market and starting in an empty market now is far nicer."

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