"With the influence of the weather, the production season of the seedless lychees from Hainan is one week earlier than in previous years. The sales period is already starting now. In general, the quality of the lychees in this production season is better than that of last year. The production volume has also increased," says Ms. Zhang from Hainan Luqiao Farming and Herding Development. 

Laborers sorting the seedless lychees after harvest

The seedless lychees have a thin peel and lots of fruit flesh

"In comparison to normal lychees, there are four main differences with seedless lychees. First of all, the production volume of these lychees is limited. On average the production volume is only 40% of normal lychees. Secondly, the market period of the seedless lychees is rather short. In general it only lasts 25 days. What's more, the seedless lychees have a thin peel and lots of fruit flesh. They are also very sweet. They can only be preserved for a limited time of around 3 days at room temperature."

The cultivation grounds for seedless lychees of Hainan Luqiao Farming and Herding Development 

The seedless lychees after packaging in cases

In the past few years, the living standards have increased and the awareness of healthy food and drinks has improved. When consumers go shopping, they don't only consider the price, but also the quality. That is why the market price of the seedless lychees is double that of normal lychees. They are natural, organic, green, without any harm to the public. The seedless lychees are truly a product with a market situation where the supply can't keep up with the demand."

A processing workroom

Lychee cases after the harvest

The cultivation bases of Hainan Luqiao are the largest cultivation bases for seedless lychees in Hainan and serve as a demonstration base. At present, the cultivation surface for the seedless lychees is 213 hectares which yields a production volume of 1 million kg per year. Moreover, the cultivation base is also equipped with facilities for further processing that cover a surface of 3000 square meters. In these processing workrooms, 75,000 kg of fresh lychees can be packaged per day. The facilities also include a drying line and a storehouse with adjustable temperatures.

Ms. Zhang Li
Hainan Luqiao Farming and Herding Development Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +86 138 7635 5761

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