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The FreshPlaza team comprises of a growing team of writers, editors, and account managers for our commercial representation. Our editors source their news on a global basis and from many different languages, including Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch and Portuguese.

Sander Bruins Slot
mail  +31 (0) 166 69 82 18
skype  fp_sander
mail  sander@freshplaza.com

Office hrs: Mon - Thu: 8 AM - 5 PM CET, Fri: 8AM - 2PM
Nicky McGregor
mail  +31 (0) 166 69 82 26
skype  fp_nicky
mail  nicky@freshplaza.com

Office hrs: Mon/Tue/Thu: 8 AM - 4 PM CET, Wed/Fri: 8AM - 2.30PM
Nick Peters
mail  nick@freshplaza.com

Office hrs: Mon/Tue/Thu: 8 AM - 4 PM CET, Wed/Fri: 8AM - 2.30PM
Annika Durinck
mail  annika@freshplaza.com

Office hrs: Mon/Tue/Thu: 8 AM - 4 PM CET, Wed/Fri: 8AM - 2.30PM
Marieke Hemmes-de Rijke
mail  marieke@freshplaza.com

Location: California

What we can do for you

FreshPlaza, by nature, is an interactive concept, which relies greatly on the participation of its readers. This is expressed through many press releases, photo material, responsive messages, and information requests our readers send to us.

FreshPlaza has the attention of the global Fresh Produce industry. It's up to our readers to use this fact to their advantage.

We offer the following services free of charge!

  • Publishing of press releases (500 words or less)
  • Job offers
  • Read our news


After significant success with this concept in the Dutch market through the website www.agf.nl, it was decided to venture into the international market by the creation of FreshPlaza. Ever since the start up in March 2005, the interest in the FreshPlaza website and news mail has grown steadily:

March 2005: English edition www.FreshPlaza.com
April 2007: Italian edition www.FreshPlaza.it
September 2007: Spanish edition www.FreshPlaza.es
June 2015: German edition www.FreshPlaza.de
January 2016: Chinese edition www.FreshPlaza.cn

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