Pear production in Hebei will be reduced by 30-60% in 2022, and purchase price soars up

It is now harvest time for early pear varieties. A few days ago, the media team of Fresh Legends arrived in the pear-producing area of ​​Zhao County, Hebei Province. We learned from Zhao County that early varieties like new pear No. 7, Huangguan pears, and Lvbaoshi pears have been harvested so far.  But data suggests that the production of pears will be reduced by about 20% this year from the perspective of the bagging volume of pears in the new season in 2022.

During this period of time, the acquisition of the Huangguan pear, which is the main event, is already under way. The battle of pear grabbing in various production areas in Hebei is in full swing, and the purchase price has risen frequently. The early pears and cold-storage pears that have been listed this year got good purchase prices, rising every day, and cannot satisfy the supply.

In general, compared with the same period in recent years, the price is higher than the average wholesale market price in other years, except that it is lower than the highest price in 2019. In recent years, the purchase price of pears has been on a roller coaster. It once reached a sky-high price of 5 yuan, and it then dropped to a low price of 90 cents and so many pear farmers are afraid to grow pears.

With the successive launch of various pear varieties, pears will not only compete with other seasonal fruits for the market but also squeeze each other between varieties. Ultimately it relies on quality to win the market and consumers.

Pear production reduction is a foregone conclusion
In recent years, the pear market has been sluggish, and the sales of pears were not good. Many fruit farmers have no hope. They give up planting pears and cut down fruit trees to plant other crops. This has led to a decrease in the supply of pears as prices and pear farmers' enthusiasm for planting plummeted.

The planting area of ​​pears in various production regions has been greatly reduced. The production in Zhao County, Hebei Province is expected to reduce by 30%-60% compared with last year. In addition, the fruit-bearing rate of pears is not high this year. Affected by the late strong winds, fruit drop was a serious problem and chicken feet disease also occurred from time to time, resulting in a large reduction in the number of good pears in storage. It is expected that the price of pears in the later period should not be too low.

Although the production has been severely reduced, the quality of pears this year is still very good. There was no large-scale frosts or rainfall during the overall growing period. The temperature was moderate, the overall growing of pears was good, and the overall fruit diameter was large. The quality of pears in this season is expected to be the best in nearly three years.

Source: Fresh Legends

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