Chinese market for growth stimulant is rapidly expanding

Chinese consumers are paying increasing attention to the product quality of their fruit. Companies in the agricultural industry therefore invest in better plantation technology and industrial standardization. They invest to improve the product quality and production volume of their crops.

Larger companies and government institutions have worked together with smaller agricultural companies to address the fact that smaller agricultural companies are unable to make the necessary investments for better plantation technology and industrial standardization. Together they have already successfully completed several projects that help small agricultural companies improve the product quality of their crops. This is one step in the right direction for the development of the agricultural industry in China.

One of the companies involved in this process of industry development is Beijing Leili Marine Bioindustry Inc. The company has made significant effort to develop growth stimulants based on seaweed extracts and plant-based nutrients. Bill Duan, the vice-chairman of Leili Marine Bioindustry, recently talked about this growth stimulant: "The main purpose of Leili Marine Bioindustry products is to improve the product quality of agricultural products. We want to make agricultural products more disease resistant. We harvest a particular type of wild seaweed--sargassum. This type of seaweed is mainly found near the islands off the south coast of China and in the unspoiled islands of Southeast Asia."

Participation in supply chain and added-value services
Leili Marine Bioindustry began to devise the current marketing strategy in 2018. The main goal was to help farmers more efficiently manage their farms. "The innovative Leili growth stimulant is an effective solution that promotes balanced agricultural practice in China and abroad. Not only did we introduce our products in 2018, we also provided technology that helped farmers to manage their farms.

In this way we helped farmers improve the quality of their products and find better retail channels. Many farmers are not aware of proper plantation technology and they do not know how best to use growth stimulant. They have no way to achieve the optimum result. We have therefore decided to go one step further and develop services that enhance the effectiveness of our products. We want to help farmers understand our growth stimulant and improve their products."

"We have many local specialists who can train farmers on how to manage their farms. At the same time, they can teach farmers how to use our products, how to improve the product quality of their crops, and how to maintain a sufficient supply of top-quality products. We focus on the management of agricultural plantations, but we also pay careful attention to the supply chain.

There is an intimate relation between fruit sales and the ability to keep fruit fresh while it is on the market. We are confident that our growth stimulant improves the product quality and keeps quality stable. We therefore plan to sell fruit under our own brand name 'Leili'. We have established new partnerships in the fruit distribution industry this year and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. We are quite proud of our achievements.

Not only are we able to help farmers improve their efficiency and product quality, but we also offer them a wide range of services that add value to their business. We are mainly focusing our attention on development of products for the following fruits: bananas, mangoes, oranges, muskmelons, and cherry tomatoes."

The market is in constant development
"The market for growth stimulants is rapidly expanding. A growing number of farmers have become increasingly aware of the importance of investment for the improvement of plantation technology and product quality. Market demand therefore is rapidly growing.

Last year we rapidly expanded and that trend is set to continue. We are currently opening up new markets in Malaysia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Canada, Italy, and Spain. We are working closely together with fruit plantations and have secured our supply chains. We hope to continue this trend in 2020, which is why we are participating in the Berlin Fruit Logistica on February 5-7, 2020."

"Our growth stimulant has been available in the market since 1993. In the last few years we have seen a number of newcomers enter this market. Not only do we have algae-based growth stimulants, our products also improve the immune system of agricultural crops. A number of companies use phosphorus in their products, but this leaves a relatively high residue in the agricultural products.

The European market in particular has very strict standards when it comes to residue in agricultural products. In order to export to the European market the level of residue has to be extremely low. It is very important for farmers to select the right type of growth stimulant, because their choice will affect their prospects in the export market. The main advantage of our product is that the ingredients are natural, plant-based ingredients such as seaweed. Even the techniques we use to extract the active ingredients, such as fermentation, are completely natural. That makes our growth stimulant natural, which leaves a very low level of residue in agricultural products."

Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition
"This year we will again participate in the Berlin Fruit Logistica. We have asked our partners from different countries to represent our company in order to reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus outside China. Our representatives will showcase our growth stimulants, solutions, and services.

We will also present the fruits produced by our balanced, natural agricultural practice and distributed through the supply chains we established. In this manner, all visitors can personally verify the high quality of our fruit and thus see for themselves the quality and effectiveness of our growth stimulants and related services. We hope to meet old clients in person and we also hope our products will attract many new clients. We welcome all visitors of the Berlin Fruit Logistica to our company stand in Hall 27 at booth F-06."

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