Aiwen mangoes are known for their high sugar content and sweetness and are in high demand, despite high prices due to limited production. In previous years, the Aiwen mango season started at the end of April, but this year, due to the drought and lack of rain in the production area, the season was delayed and the fruit was still not picked in large quantities at the end of May, so it is expected that the shipment time will be delayed until early June.

"Aiwen mangoes are produced in the Tainan and Pingtung regions of Taiwan. Mangoes need a lot of water to grow, and the lack of rainfall in the production area in the past two years has significantly affected the timing and yield of the season. This year's rainfall has improved slightly compared to last year, but it is still low compared to normal years, resulting in a delayed season and half the yield than before." Mr. Rock Yen, head of Fruit Paradise Trading Co. Ltd, which grows and sells Aiwen mangoes, explained the reasons for the delayed season.

"During the flowering season, Aiwen mangoes bloomed well, but during the period of strong winds, the flowers dried out due to lack of water, so a large number of flowers were blown away by strong winds, resulting in a significant drop in production. The total production was low and the number of mangoes eligible for export was reduced accordingly, and the export volume this year will be lower than before. The reduction in production has increased prices at the origin, which are currently more than 20% higher compared to 2018 and 2019 (years with normal weather before the pandemic). In addition, the fruit size is also smaller this year, the previous 5kg package size is 12 mangoes, this year more is 16-18 mangoes, and the number of large fruit is reduced."

Aiwen mangoes are mainly supplied to the high-end market due to the limited production and high prices and, according to Yen, the high-end market situation is optimistic this year and the demand is still strong. "The export markets for Aiwen mangoes are Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and mainland China by sea. Among them, the Japanese and Korean markets have the strongest demand for Aiwen mangoes, and after learning of the reduction in production, they even want to increase the purchase price to "grab the goods". At present, Aiwen mangoes are almost fully booked. A container of Aiwen mangoes will arrive in Hong Kong in early June. In the Chinese mainland market, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are the main sales areas, and Aiwen mangoes are very popular there."

The mangoes are usually shipped to Xiamen and then inspected for entry into the Chinese mainland market. "On May 24, there was a cargo ship loaded with 300-500 boxes of Aiwen mangoes sent to Xiamen, which is the first batch of Aiwen mangoes sent to the mainland after the lifting of the pandemic measures. It is understood that the process and time for customs clearance and inspection of this shipment are ideal, which is good news for us, and we will arrange subsequent shipments as soon as possible."

In addition to the Aiwen mangoes, Fruit Paradise Trading Co. Ltd also has Gold Diamond pineapple, pomelo, grapefruits, sugar apples and dates. The brand name is "Xiong Fa". The company's business includes cultivation and export sales and has orchards and processing plants in Tainan and Pingtung.

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