A report in in the beginning of November in a local newspaper shows a statement of the chairperson of the Myanmar Watermelon and Cantaloupe Cultivation and Sales Organisation, Mr. Wu Naiwen. According to him, the sales of watermelons from Myanmar to China have staggered in the first week of October and November.

The main reasons are a heavy rainfall that influences the quality of the watermelons and the fact that many Chinese watermelons are going on sale at exactly the same time. The watermelon farmers of Myanmar are in such a dire situation that they can't even gain back their production costs and are instead stuck with losses. But from the second week of November onward, the situation has gradually improved as sales volumes are increasing. Melon farmers are gaining profit accordingly.

Reportedly, there are currently 150 to 200 trucks every day that carry an average volume of more than 3000 tons of watermelons to China. Every ton of watermelons has a selling price of about 2000 RMB to 2800 RMB. Moreover, 5 to 6 trucks also transport around 100 tons of cantaloupe melons to China. Every ton of these cantaloupes fetches a good price of 3500 RMB. 

Source: Department of Trade